A crucial element to living a healthy lifestyle is being able to obtain high quality products at an affordable price. Those who live healthy lifestyles know that this does not come cheap. Time and time again, we found ourselves working harder but recovering slower because the food we needed to sustain ourselves was out of our reach due to ridiculous prices and lack of quantity.

The days of sacrificing quality and quantity have come to an end.

Strong Meat Co.’s goal is to provide the best top quality meats and provisions to the general public at prices that do not make it hard to sustain yourself. We were established in early 2018 by six close friends with a wide range of backgrounds—fitness, grocery, retail, marketing—who recognized a major void in the fitness industry.




Jon Delaney
Chief Executive Officer

Jon is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who co-owns multiple Meat and Seafood Markets throughout Southern California. Originally pursuing a career in the aviation industry, Jon became involved in his friends family business which started with one small market in Santa Ana. After 2 years the business expanded rapidly and today 7 Meat & Seafood markets along with 2 restaurants currently operate in Orange County under the brand name La Bahia De Acapulco Markets & Restaurants. As the markets & restaurants began to takeoff, Jon along with his partner began venturing outside of their business to look for new opportunities.

In 2017, Jon along with five other friends realized a major void in the grocery store industry. There was nothing that provided quality meats and provisions in bulk to those who consume more than others at an affordable price.  With that in mind, Jon and his friends began holding "flash sales" at local gyms while using his markets as a foundation to execute these sales. These flash sales were purely targeting bodybuilders, bikini models, strongmen, and athletes who require more food then others to sustain themselves. After 3 months of creating a consistent clientele, Jon and his team formed Strong Meat Company.

In 2018, Strong Meat Company began targeting Fire Departments to provide all their stations needs from food to janitorial supplies. Coming from an extended family of firefighters, Jon recognized the nuisance shopping for groceries was for firefighters. After rolling out Strong Meat Co's Firefighter Service program it quickly expanded to 3 different counties in Southern California servicing more than 15 departments in just under three months and still growing today.

Today, Strong Meat Company has grown into a well known meat and provisions distributor in Southern California for athletes, fire departments, and families. Jon's background and leadership help Strong Meat Co provide quality meats and provisions at unbelievably low prices.

Michael Salter

Mike is an International Strongman and entrepreneur. From raising a family and being a former Division 1 college athlete, he saw the need people had for affordable, top tier food in order to sustain the health/wellness of them and their loved ones.

He was also a professional off-road racer and believes that "just like a race-car, our bodies need high quality fuel to run at peak performance." He has made a career as an industrial plastics recycler, making the environment a better place through reprocessing scrap plastics into usable goods to benefit our domestic economy.

Casey Garrison
Chief Operations Officer

Casey is world renowned professional strongman who has competed internationally and won multiple world titles, records with numerous federations. In addition to being a strongman, Casey played professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 4 years, and is co-owner of an athletic performance gym dedicated to high school, collegiate, and professional athletes called House of Power.

He recognizes the importance that Strong Meat Co. provides by being able to increase a person’s health and performance while simultaneously being able to save money. Casey says that “the biggest problem is that the majority of the population is not able to afford healthy, nutrient-dense products because grocery stores have monopolized and driven-up the cost of these better products. Strong Meat Co. is not trying to get rich off of you; we are trying to provide better and superior service so you can live a longer, healthier life, without breaking your bank."

Casey also holds a bachelors degree from San Francisco state in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, holds C.S.C.S, and ISCI training certifications.

Nyck Romero
Chief Sales Officer

Nyck is an international and pro strongman who is a co-owner of House of Power gym in Westminster, California.

With Nyck’s background, he possesses an understanding that processed foods have a negative impact into neural and physical degeneration. He also recognizes that athletes like himself must consume large quantities of food to sustain themselves, which is why Nyck has such a strong passion for this company.

Nyck also holds a degree in sports medicine with a background and experience in Neurology.

Daniel Hurtado
Chief Product Officer

Daniel is a successful businessman who currently owns four poultry and seafood markets within Orange County. In addition to these markets, Daniel also operates two restaurants that his family has owned for over 30 years.

At the age of 9, he began working in these restaurants, butchering meat for his parents. After graduating from high school, he opened his first market and, after four years, owns five of them. With being so well-versed in the poultry and seafood industry, he is a great asset to Strong Meat Co. in quality assurance among everything else..