Strong Meat Company's FireFighter Program is a completely customized program tailored to your departments needs. With the Firefighter program, Strong Meat Co. services your department weekly, biweekly, or monthly with top quality meats, provisions, and more without having to leave your station. The firefighter program cuts the average departments grocery bills by 30-50% while still allowing the station to eat the same type of food, enhances food quality, and saves time. 



Your department is in control! Buy when you want, how you want, and have it delivered on your time. Pay with your departments monthly food stipen, split it between eachother, or buy individually. 


tailored to your needs

One size does not fit all!  If a preset firefighter package does not satisfy you, one of our sales associates can build a package completely based on your entire departments needs. Control what you buy and how much of it!